January 23, 2016  News

Forbes has introduced a new list of influential people, the inaugural 30 Under 30 Europe List. The list includes 300 people under the age of 30, divided into ten categories of 30, that are “leaders, creative inventors, and brash entrepreneurs.”

Emma made the list of 30 entertainers. The category picked it’s 30 Under 30 by “watching young impresarios work their craft on the court and the silver screen.” Emma Watson got nominated for both her work in film, and her work as the United Nations Women Goodwill Ambassador for gender equality. Forbes describes why Emma made the list, saying:

Emma Watson, 25 – Actor

(United Kingdom) “Arguably the most successful graduate of Hogwarts, Watson has starred in both big budget movies (“Noah”) and Indie fare (“Colonia”). A United Nations Women Goodwill Ambassador since 2014, Watson’s advocacy on behalf of the HeForShe campaign makes her an important spokesperson for gender equality.”


You can check out the entire list of its nominees here.

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