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March 06, 2021  Shauna News

For the unversed, Emma Watson, who actually plays Hermione Granger in Harry Potter, recently made news when it was said she has taken retirement from acting.

After months and technically years of speculations, WarnerMedia CEO Jason Kilar is confirming their plans to expand the Harry Potter universe doesn’t come in as a shocker. The studio, as expected and justified, is all set to cash in the opportunity and churn out profit from the franchise that has fans across the globe in massive numbers. Amid this, making news is Hermione Granger.

If you have been close to the vineyard, the grapevine recently had that WarnerMedia is planning to give the character’s from the wizarding world their separate spin-offs. One of the most prominent and exciting characters to get a full-length film designated to her is Hermione Granger played by Emma Watson. But what if she doesn’t come on board. Read on to know everything about this update of the day.

For the unversed, Emma Watson, who actually plays Hermione Granger in Harry Potter, recently made news when it was said she has taken retirement from acting. In this case what if the actor denies reprising Hermione for the special spin-off. As per a report in We Got This Covered, the studio is also prepared for that situation too. The intel who has got his hand on a big gossip says the bosses will even consider recasting Hermione if Watson disagrees to come on board.

It is not like they want to take the recasting route in a hurry. The intel also adds that the studio will try to convince the actor to reprise the mantle even if it makes them pay some more than planned. But even if Emma Watson doesn’t agree to walk the Harry Potter universe lanes again, they will have to recast.

It is also a risky part to replace Emma Watson in a Harry Potter film for the studio as the actor has made a massive fan base for her nerdy character.


February 25, 2021  Shauna News

No, the Harry Potter veteran is not retiring from acting.

The Emma Watson hive can officially breathe easy.

The Harry Potter star, 30, started trending on Thursday because of an article in The Daily Mail that suggested she would be retiring from acting in order to focus on settling down with her partner, Leo Robinton.

Emma Watson has gone ‘dormant’ according to her agent,” the outlet reported. “That appears to be movie-speak for she’s ‘given up acting.'”

According to Jason Weinberg, Watson‘s manager at Untitled Entertainment, that’s not the case.

Emma‘s social media accounts are dormant, but her career isn’t,” he told EW in a statement.

Admittedly, Watson has been relatively light on her screen roles recently. She was last seen on screen in 2019 as Meg March in Little Women, directed by Greta Gerwig. This had followed her performances in The Circle and the live-action Beauty and the Beast. But light doesn’t mean done.

Rumor debunked!


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