June 03, 2020  News

Emma Watson has responded to critics who roasted her about her Blackout Tuesday post.

What is Blackout Tuesday?

  • Blackout Tuesday was a social media event that aimed to drown out new content so people could speak and engage with the community. Entertainment industry leaders started the idea as many others around the country picked up on it and shared their own black squares.

What did Emma post?


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#blackouttuesday #theshowmustbepaused #amplifymelanatedvoices #amplifyblackvoices

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  • Critics on social media slammed Watson, saying she added three squares to not ruin the aesthetic of her Instagram feed, according to Fox News. The critics said she posted the photo for her personal gain rather than as an activist. On Instagram, the top nine photos of a feed can be seen at once. Many influencers and users will post photos to rework how the entire feed looks.

How did she respond?

Emma Watson shared several posts on her Instagram, along with her apology.

Emma Watson’s quotes on Racism…

“Whilst we might feel that, as individuals, we’re working hard internally to be anti-racist, we need to work harder externally to actively tackle the structural and institutional racism around us. I’m still learning about the many ways I unconsciously support and uphold a system that is structurally racist.

“Over the coming days, I’ll be using my bio link and Twitter to share links to resources I’ve found useful for my own researching, learning, listening. I see your anger, sadness and pain. I cannot know what this feels like for you but it doesn’t mean I won’t try to.”

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