May 01, 2020  Shauna Website

We at E.E.W. are getting ready to put exciting things into this fansite, like new themes, a press archive, media vault and so much more. So, look for all of that to appear this month.

April 01, 2019  Shauna Photos, Website

I am working hard to get every picture in the gallery restored, sorry for so many of them missing. The theme for the gallery is going to be changing too, getting that done as quickly as possible. Thanks for the patience while this is being done.

August 03, 2018  Shauna Website

We are taking the time to do a mandatory maintenance to our gallery, seeing as there are lots of images to replace at the moment. As well as, we are getting the newest pictures added as quickly as possible. So, sorry for any inconveniences it causes as we make this a great site for all of Emma’s fans.

Note: This goes along with our post we made back in April, just so you know.

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