July 09, 2016  Shauna Appearances, Picture Gallery

Emma Watson attended “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child” on Wednesday of last week. I have uploaded the images of her backstage with the cast to the gallery.

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July 02, 2016  Shauna Interviews, Video

During an interview 3 days ago, the actress’ phone rang and revealed her ringtone to be “Steamy Windows” off Turner’s 1989 Foreign Affair album.

“That is so embarrassing,” Watson said as she quickly moved to silence her phone.

Interviewer Mark Heyes, who immediately recognized the song, seemed to find the incident hilarious, telling Watson, “That’s the best ringtone I’ve ever heard.”

Watson gave a little plug, making sure viewers knew it was a Turner song.

July 02, 2016  Shauna Colonia, Movie Posters, Movies, Picture Gallery

I have added 4 more movie posters from Emma Watson’s film “Colonia” (known also as: “The Colony”) to the gallery.

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