April 28, 2017  Shauna News, The Circle

Based on a book by Dave Eggers, The Circle is a mysterious internet company, the titular Circle, which is described as a massive enterprise encompassing both social media and video technology. Both the movie and the book take a lot of inspiration from big Silicon Valley companies, like Apple and Facebook, but is The Circle based on a real company?

“The Circle does everything: emails, social media, online banking, image and video sharing, etc. Such an all-encompassing business doesn’t appear to be based on any one tech company but is rather an amalgam of all successful companies currently gaining a monopoly of the tech market. For example, The Circle has mysterious founders idolized within the company, reminiscent of Steve Jobs at Apple, and the SeeChange device rolled out in the book, a small camera that sends out a real-time video, is not so many steps ahead from a GoPro or a smart phone. The idea of communicating through constant video streaming is akin to Periscope or even Snapchat, two hugely popular technical advances in social media.”

“It’s easy to find aspects of every big tech company in The Circle, some made even more evident in the film adaptation. Take the character of Bailey (Tom Hanks), the charismatic founder who runs massive announcement events wearing jeans and a black turtleneck sweatshirt — an obvious take on Jobs.” (Though Hanks did tell Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey “I played you!” during a live Q&A promoting the film.) – Bustle

Regardless of if “The Circle” was based on a real company, the film deals with many of the same issues currently being debated in the tech industry.  (Example: The Circle, has little regard for privacy rights in an Internet age) — something very hotly debated today.

 The Circle itself doesn’t need to be based on a real company for the themes of the film to ring true.


April 16, 2017  Shauna News

It is reported that Emma Watson’s all-singing, all dancing efforts as the film’s heroine Belle in the live-action “Beauty and the Beast“, is set to surpass Jennifer Lawrence as the highest-paid actress in the world.

Although she received a sum of £2 million for the part, Watson negotiated a deal that makes her entitled to a portion of the film’s revenues, which is predicted to net her a further £15 million since it was confirmed the box office has pulled in over $1 billion so far, according to Evening Standard last night. Added to her earnings from the Harry Potter franchise (which is estimated to be around the £50 million mark), Watson is clearly winning at her own game.

Up next for Emma is the lead role in the film adaptation of The Circle, based on Dave Egger’s 2013 novel of the same name, which has its world premiere on April 28 and is already garnering box-office buzz and Emma will thereafter be taking a hiatus from acting. – stated by the actress last year.

“I’m taking a year away from acting to focus on two things, really. My own personal development is one,”

September 13, 2016  Shauna Beauty and the Beast, News

We have another sneak peek: Belle’s updated opening dress.

Disney released a sketch of what Belle’s blue apron and peasant blouse will look like this go-around, and they’re way edgier, grungier, and modern compared to the 1991 Disney originals. Belle is finally letting her hair down—literally.

Other changes we noticed: Belle swaps her perfect low ponytail for a more realistic down ‘do. The heavier hair is paired with a thicker-looking blue apron with checkered detail. Belle’s white blouse is also distinctively less polished, and she trades in her hand basket for several washcloths around her waist.

However, the most drastic change is definitely Belle’s footwear. Disney exchanged Belle’s dainty, barely there flats for a pair of sturdier boots with thick shoelaces. Belle has a lot of walking to do, people. She needs support!

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