December 21, 2014  News

The Ms. Foundation has released their list of the top feminist celebrities of 2014, and actress Emma Watson is number one.

How Emma became number one this year:

As a UN Goodwill Ambassador, Watson helped found the He for She program this year and made a rousing speech urging men to take up the feminist mantle, telling them, “gender equality is your issue, too.”

The Full List:

1. Emma Watson

2. Laverne Cox

3. Rachel Maddow

4. Beyoncé

5. Cher

6. Amy Poehler

7. Tina Fey

8. Meryl Streep

9. Mindy Kaling

10. Ann Curry

Statement by Ms. Foundation President Teresa Younger:

“We celebrate all feminists every day, but today we’re giving a hat tip to celebrities who are helping to promote women’s equality,”

“Every celebrity on the list has either embraced the term ‘feminist,’ spoken out for women’s equal rights or battled against sexist oppression.”

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