June 15, 2015  Shauna Regression, Video

There is a new trailer out in HD for Emma’s upcoming film, “Regression”. Watch it below.

March 03, 2015  Shauna Fashion Campaigns, HeForShe, Video

Emma Watson announced via her Facebook page that she will be conducting a live question and answer session on Gender Equality this Sunday, March 8th. See her message for an opportunity to be a member of the audience. For everyone else, the event will be live streamed on Facebook.

“I hope you’ll join me on Sunday 8th of March at 1PM NYC/5PM London-time for a conversation about He For She and Gender Equality, live on Facebook. If you’re in London and would like to be there in person, tell me how you are making a personal impact to advance gender equality. Please submit your story, here: http://goo.gl/forms/dRzVjsdNSR, by 12PM London-time on Wednesday 4th of March and you could be selected to attend this special event as an audience member! Em x”

February 18, 2015  Shauna Movies, Regression, Video

We have for you all the latest international trailer from Emma’s upcoming horror thriller “Regression”. Watch it below.


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